Gianni Versace was shot in front of the mansion in Miami

In the 1980s, Fan Sizhe, who loves music, saw that the influence of rock music in young people was expanding. He seized this opportunity and joined forces with rock stars to launch rock suits, which triggered a big turn in his career. Italian culture provides a continuous source of ideas for the growth of Versace as a fashion designer. The Roman and Greek ancient cultural sites… From the works of Versace, you can see the artistic influence of his youth.

On July 15, 1997, Gianni Versace was shot in front of the mansion in Miami, USA. The whole fashion industry was shaken. People never thought that this was praised by the media as “God sent mortal design. The teacher will end his legendary life in this way.
Since Donatella took over the creative rights of Versace, she has always adhered to the brand’s traditional style – bright colors, patterns and extreme feminine sensuality, while not lacking in rock and roll spirit. Even if she once turned Versace to a more modern and simple design, the strong color and sexy cut still showed the attitude of Versace.
The Versace 2018 Spring/Summer collection models are in the form of the brand’s iconic style in the 1990s, and the yellow prints worn by the four models in the opening are also the iconic prints of the 1990s. Everything is for the warmth of nostalgia. And eternal tribute. Black windbreaker and skirt with golden classical patterns, telling you in the most gorgeous form that sex is always out of date. Box leather jackets with metal studs, traditional animal prints in wrap skirts, and the iconic elements of these brands